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& Distribution

The Process


It all starts with an idea.
Our team of specialists is here to listen to your needs and find the right solution and type of carton for your requirements. Some of our cartons are standard and for anything else, we have several made-to-measure options available from our suppliers.

If you don't have any dies, there's no problem, because we work with the best die manufacturers.
If you think this type of die is expensive... you might be surprised.


Once we've identified your needs, we set to work to meet them. If the material is in stock, we'll put your order on the list. Our team is highly efficient at responding to requests. Even if the equipment you need is not in stock, our network of suppliers will help you find it as quickly as possible.

Before making any cut, our team of professionals will see what material they have in inventory to maximize sheets and avoid unnecessary losses and also to reduce costs.


& Shipping

We adjust the sheets either with a slither or a guillotine.
Once adjusted, the sheets are then either die-cut or saw-cut, depending on your requirements. Once your order is complete, we ship it either with our carrier network or the carrier of your choice.



Custom made


We specialize in low-volume die-cutting of all types of cardboard, with the exception of corrugated cardboard with a thickness of 140 points (.14 inches or 2.5 mm) or less.


For more than 110 years, we have been developing privileged relationships with carriers and customs brokers, enabling us to ship our material to the four corners of America and even to Asia, with rapid delivery times.

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