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The company was founded in Chambly in 1912 by an American businessman, Charles C. Prescott.



The company was under the management of Mr. Prescott from 1912 to 1932 and his son Gardner H. from 1932 to 1976. During this period, the company was better known as Bennett Ltée.

1940 - 1945

Bennett fleetbennett fleet


bennett fleet



On June 21, 1976, Mr. Ralph G. Fleet took over the company. Mr. Fleet was already involved in his company Fleet Shoe Findings Limited. The two companies merged in 1984, and since that day, the company has been known as Bennett Fleet Inc.



Mr. Fleet later partnered with Mr. Gilles Lussier, a chartered professional accountant, in 1987 for operations management. Mr. Lussier became a co-owner in 2003. He has been the sole shareholder since Mr. Fleet's death in 2011. In 2019, Bennett Fleet moved to Marieville to adapt to its repositioning. They currently occupy the same premises.


Bennett Fleet Today

Hammond Paper Company out of Vaughan, Ontario, Canada acquired Bennett Fleet so Bennett Fleet, along with Hammond Paper, gives customers direct access to more paperboard and packaging products and converting services combined under a single point of contact from 2 production and warehousing facilities to ensure that we can get you the product you need, when you need it.

Hammond Paper is an integrated North American paperboard distribution and converting company operating out of Vaughan, Ontario for over 30 years and it’s product line includes: chipboard, graphic board, slip sheets, layer pads, padding board, stiffeners, CRB / CCNB, SBS / TMP, corrugated cardboard, kraft, edge protectors and pallet wrap. Hammond Paper is also a full service producer for paperboard converting including guillotining and slitting, die cutting, laminating, grooving, round cornering and more.


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