We have the capacity to custom manufacture specific fiberboard and paperboard items you require. Whatever your product or service needs, please feel free to contact us with your inquiries.

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Fibreboard is a specialized high density, very stiff paperboard with many unique characteristics including being very water resistant and fire retardant, making it a raw material of choice for many industries and a recyclable sustainable alternative to the use of plastics.

The footwear industry was the first to adopt our fiberboard, particularly for the design of soles and stiffeners.

The furniture and appliance industry has also selected our fibreboard for use both inside furniture and as back covers, as well as for packaging fragile furniture and large appliances.

It has also become a must-have for the automotive industry, which uses it in the design of sealing gaskets, essential for the manufacture of motor vehicle parts.

Fiberboard opens up a vast field of possibilities, with many uses to boost your business. With a clear knowledge of the benefits of our products, we're open to work with you to develop a solution for your challenges. With the "ditch the plastic" trend, our fiberboard is the ideal option for this transition.



Our expertise allows us to develop tailor-made solutions to meet your specific challenges. Paperboard offers a versatile and flexible option, perfect for making the transition to more environmentally-friendly, sustainable materials. Many North American manufacturers request our expertise, and we're proud to work with Hammond Paper to help you make the best product choice, including chipboard, corrugated, graphic board, CRB/CCNB and SBS. 

Whether you are looking for paperboard products to become part of your products or to use paperboard for packaging, we can help. We make custom paperboard solutions for use within products and for packaging for a diverse range of industries, including: furniture, bookbinding, food and beverage, printing, aluminum & steel and more. Or if you are putting anything on a pallet, we have a range of different thicknesses and sizes of slip sheets, sheets and layer pads.


Converting Services

With the converting equipment at the Bennett Fleet plant in Marieville, Quebec and the Hammond Paper plant in Vaughan, Ontario, we have the converting services for your specific needs, including guillotining, slitting, die cutting, laminating, grooving and round cornering. Look no further for expert cut, custom paperboard, chipboard, and cardboard. No matter the thickness or grade, these machines will provide a clean cut for your project, shipping or packaging needs. Board for binders, hardcover books, padding board, cardboard boxes, furniture panels, skid liners or slip sheets are at the ready.

With our 2 large format die cutters, we can die cut stock between 10 point and 250 point (1/4 inch).



Processing Specialists










Counter and false soles.

book industry


Hard covers and cardboard for soft covers






heavy duty packaging


Consumables for transporting materials, such as corner protectors, strap protectors, fasteners, etc.


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