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The company was founded in Chambly in 1912 by an American businessman, Charles C. Prescott.



The company was under the management of Mr. Prescott from 1912 to 1932 and his son Gardner H. from 1932 to 1976. During this period, the company was better known as Bennett Ltée.

1940 - 1945

Bennett fleetbennett fleet


bennett fleet



On June 21, 1976, Mr. Ralph G. Fleet took over the company. Mr. Fleet was already involved in his company Fleet Shoe Findings Limited. The two companies merged in 1984, and since that day, the company has been known as Bennett Fleet Inc.



Mr. Fleet later partnered with Mr. Gilles Lussier, a chartered professional accountant, in 1987 for operations management. Mr. Lussier became a co-owner in 2003. He has been the sole shareholder since Mr. Fleet's death in 2011. In 2019, Bennett Fleet moved to Marieville to adapt to its repositioning. They currently occupy the same premises.


Bennett Fleet Today

In 2022, Mr. Lussier wanted to breathe new life into the company, and that's when Mr. Pierre-Marc Choinière acquired the company. His background is full of projects: he holds a bachelor's degree in business administration and an MBA, he is a member of the G16 cohort of the École d'Entrepreneurship de Beauce, he has extensive experience as both a financial analyst and in economic development. He cares about the well-being of employees and ensured that the transfer of the company was done with respect. Mr. Choinière has an entrepreneurial spirit and aims to make Bennett Fleet the leader in Eastern Canada in roll-to-box processing.

Since 2007, the company has had suppliers from Spain, Italy, and Mexico for the raw manufacture of its cardboard. When the materials arrive at Bennett Fleet, employees exclusively focus on their secondary transformation and distribution for their clientele.




This ad reminds us of the company's origins. It dates back to 1920, when the shoe industry was flourishing in Quebec and North America. It was aimed at shoe manufacturers for the sale of shank board. This product was Bennett's specialty, and was produced at its Chambly plant. This type of board is still used today in the design of false soles and stiffeners . Today, despite the closure of the Chambly plant, we are proud to offer you this type of cardboard from the best producers in Europe who share the same values.
Did you know that although this board is produced in different colors, shoe manufacturers still insist on the burgundy color?
Did you know that the first factory was located on rue de Bourgogne in Chambly?


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