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Processing of fibreboard and plain carton


Bennett Fleet has been manufacturing fibreboard for the footwear industry for very many years. More precisely, fibreboard is processed to become what is called the insole, which is located under the sole on which the foot is placed. It is waterproof and flexible. Bennet Fleet’s fibreboard, which is superior to regular cardboard, is very popular in the footwear manufacturing industry.

It is also used in the design of seals used in the manufacture of automotive parts.

Bennett Fleet also provides fibreboard for the furniture and household appliance industry. This product can be used inside as well as to cover the back of furniture and also for the packaging of furniture and large fragile appliances. More specifically, Bennett Fleet prepares the cardboard for use as ‘corner protectors’ in packaging.

The company distributes this product in Quebec, Ontario, the United States, Chile, the Dominican Republic, and China.

Plain carton

Bennett Fleet carries out the secondary processing of this type of carton to meet the needs of the book industry and bookbinders. Its products can be found in book covers and bindings, as well as in binder covers.

The company also provides plain carton used for drawer bottoms and by coffin manufacturers.

Bennett Fleet can supply plain carton to manufacturers throughout Quebec and Ontario.