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Experts in waterproof and flexible fibreboard

The present Bennett Fleet in Chambly has a long history of processing fibreboard that is highly sought after in the book, furniture and automobile industries.

The company was founded in Chambly 1912 by an American businessman, whose family name (Bennet) is still part of the company name today. He subsequently gave control of the company to Charles C. Prescott.

Back in the early days, the company only manufactured textiles. The factory was destroyed by fire in 1918, and then rebuilt and expropriated. A new factory, renamed Bennett Limited, was built a short distance away, where it is still located today.

In 1975, Mr. Ralph G. Fleet took over control of the company. Mr. Gilles Lussier, a chartered accountant, bought shares in the company in 1987 and became co-owner in 2003. He has become the only shareholder since Mr. Fleet’s passing.

Since 2007, the company outsources the raw manufacturing of its cardboards to plants in China, Mexico, and Italy, in order to devote itself exclusively to the secondary processing and distribution of its products.

Today, Bennett Fleet has five employees who handle the secondary processing and distribution of fibreboard to the footwear, furniture and automobile industries in Quebec, Ontario, the United States, China and Chile, as well as the processing and distribution of plain carton to manufacturers of book bindings, furniture and coffins in Quebec and Ontario.

For manufacturers in a number of sectors, the cardboard processed and distributed by Bennett Fleet is a smart alternative to plastic; it is tough, durable, waterproof and flexible, in addition to being non-harmful to the environment.